Friday, 27 March 2015

Friday, 13 February 2015

Public Service Piss Taking

Public Service Piss Taking - Lesson One - for the BBC

I must do this for free?
Get up first thing in the morning
To write you a poem?

No I don’t get paid
Yet last night I got laid..
..Low with depression
Asked to answer the question:

Is rap poetry?
Let me think…
Let me see…


Rhythm And Poetry?
Rhythm And Poetry!
Oh I See!
Here on Salford Quays

Yeah Boy!
YEeeeeeaaaaAAAH Bouy!
Bouy on the cur-anal
C-anal c-
Anal canal
Bouy on the canal

“It’s like a jungle sometime
it makes me wonder
how I keep from going under

It’s like a jungle sometime
it makes me wonder…”

…how many people are crapping
whilst I’m rapping?


Public Service Piss Taking - Lesson Two - For the hosts

Alison Butterworth
You must not mutter words
This is the Bee Bee See.
Pronunciation received
And Philip, Phil Trow
You must go with the flow
I can see you with your ho … se
In your garden mowing
And rehearsing a poem
With rhythm and style
Pulling your tuber with a smile
Getting ready for an Eight Mile Slam
And a One Mic Stand.

And One Mic Stand is February 27th at the Contact Theatre.

(c) Mark Mace Smith 2015

Sunday, 18 January 2015


Misty mornings

(c) Mark Mace Smith 2015