Thursday, 25 September 2014



I need to take a look
at my woman
at my country

I need to hear again
the sounds of

I need to hug my mum
and get a kiss
from Sharon Raymond

I need to smell
the Curry Mile
& my daughters soft scented hair

I need to taste
ackee & saltfish
& wonderful withington weed

I need to go...




I need to go back to Manchester
at least to remember
why I needed to leave.



(c) Mark Mace Smith 2014

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

20 images of Mallorca by Mark Mace Smith

The Kitten with Prickly Pears
Tereza K at Finca Silvestra
Misty Mornings as seen from a barn roof.

Pest Control

Lee Leaving
Finca Silvestra, Nr Manacor, Mallorca
Thinker at the Finca
Contrasting Opinions
Aurilee Ariving

Boy at Beach - Cala Marcel
Rich Canvas, Rich Texture
Apprentice Pest Control
Old Tools No1
Three Strangers at Sea
Dirk -  Fig Picking
Palma Cathedral at Dusk
The Artist Silvestra

Yogis - Tereza & Petra
(c) Mark Mace Smith 2014

Monday, 2 June 2014

Parks Police - Keep Off The Grass

Whilst sat in the park on a sunny day
a policeman came up to me to say...

I have reason to believe
you've been smoking skunk weed.

Yes officer, that's the truth
I've just smoked a phat zoot.

And do you still have some
in your possession?

Yes I came to the park 
for a long, meditative session.

If you are trying to put your freedom
up to a test
I am at liberty to put you 
under arrest.

You can arrest me
but I'll still be free.
My soul is aligned with the cosmos
you see?
In tune with the planets,
In tune with the sea.
At one with the fact that there is no space
between you&me.

I've heard all this kind of waffle before.
That hippy happy shite of 'love not war'.
Frankly, to me, it's just a joke.
Just a crap excuse for you to smoke more dope.
Come out of the clouds and see the truth.
You'd be a better man if you weren't so aloof.

What do you know of me as a man?
We've only just met how can you understand?

Going by some of the shite that you say
you seem to be rolling on that olde spiritual way.
I'm guessing you believe 'we are all one'
So I do know you Rasta, like father, like son.
And here I find you sat in the park. 
Behind your eyes there is no spark.
You have no smile, your limbs look weak.
Like you've not had a proper meal in a week.
I can smell the booze and sweat on you.
A proper bath is well overdue.
With your hangdog looks I'd even hazard a guess
That you're still having sex with your abusive ex..

Yes... How...?

..She's fucking you up and messing with your programme.
Even when you 'make love' you don't feel like a man.
And though you know she has a GIRLFRIEND
you're still wrapped up in her wanton whirlwind.

Hey! Now hang on..!

As for all this weed you smoke,
you started out like any bloke.
A couple of tokes on the weekend,
now you rarely smoke with.. erm.. oh.. you've got no friends!
You smoke alone from dusk til dawn
then smoke again in your afternoon morn.
You do come up with some great ideas
soon pissed away with super beers.
And your daughter she still needs your love
stop blaming her mother for having enough.
Enough of your excuses, enough of your lies.
enough broken promises, enough tears cried.
And what of YOUR mother whom you praise so
She'd like to see you grow before she goes
And, no, your childhood was no barrel of laughs
but come on, son, you are alive Mark!
40 years old and nothing to show
just some paintings, poems and the odd photo.
When was the last time you put yourself to a test?
You're actually, literally too pathetic to arrest.


Dad? Father?
Is that you..?

No. Stoner.
I am you, you fool.


Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Joining The Mind

Self-Importrait No 1363 - Hulme, Manchester

 Singular Mum - Hulme

Gate Two

Railing Flock

Akiel The Mellow

 A Whitworth Afternoon

Cresting The Luggage

Joining the mind
A snapshot of time
A Manchester canvas
Of life by & by.


All images (c) Mark Mace Smith 2014 
due credit if reused