Friday, 13 February 2015

Public Service Piss Taking

Public Service Piss Taking - Lesson One - for the BBC

I must do this for free?
Get up first thing in the morning
To write you a poem?

No I don’t get paid
Yet last night I got laid..
..Low with depression
Asked to answer the question:

Is rap poetry?
Let me think…
Let me see…


Rhythm And Poetry?
Rhythm And Poetry!
Oh I See!
Here on Salford Quays

Yeah Boy!
YEeeeeeaaaaAAAH Bouy!
Bouy on the cur-anal
C-anal c-
Anal canal
Bouy on the canal

“It’s like a jungle sometime
it makes me wonder
how I keep from going under

It’s like a jungle sometime
it makes me wonder…”

…how many people are crapping
whilst I’m rapping?


Public Service Piss Taking - Lesson Two - For the hosts

Alison Butterworth
You must not mutter words
This is the Bee Bee See.
Pronunciation received
And Philip, Phil Trow
You must go with the flow
I can see you with your ho … se
In your garden mowing
And rehearsing a poem
With rhythm and style
Pulling your tuber with a smile
Getting ready for an Eight Mile Slam
And a One Mic Stand.

And One Mic Stand is February 27th at the Contact Theatre.

(c) Mark Mace Smith 2015

Sunday, 18 January 2015


Misty mornings

(c) Mark Mace Smith 2015

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Thursday, 25 September 2014



I need to take a look
at my woman
at my country

I need to hear again
the sounds of

I need to hug my mum
and get a kiss
from Sharon Raymond

I need to smell
the Curry Mile
& my daughters soft scented hair

I need to taste
ackee & saltfish
& wonderful withington weed

I need to go...




I need to go back to Manchester
at least to remember
why I needed to leave.



(c) Mark Mace Smith 2014

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

20 images of Mallorca by Mark Mace Smith

The Kitten with Prickly Pears
Tereza K at Finca Silvestra
Misty Mornings as seen from a barn roof.

Pest Control

Lee Leaving
Finca Silvestra, Nr Manacor, Mallorca
Thinker at the Finca
Contrasting Opinions
Aurilee Ariving

Boy at Beach - Cala Marcel
Rich Canvas, Rich Texture
Apprentice Pest Control
Old Tools No1
Three Strangers at Sea
Dirk -  Fig Picking
Palma Cathedral at Dusk
The Artist Silvestra

Yogis - Tereza & Petra
(c) Mark Mace Smith 2014